Our Mission Statement

At our roots, human beings have always been communal creatures and natural creators with a strong connection to Mother Earth.

We strive to bring a sense of balance back to the community and to help ourselves and others reintegrate the wild back into our daily lives.



We are Creatures in the Wild. We are a group of four mothers who have put their talents and passions together to form an organization that is working hard to connect more families with the earth.

It all started in November 2016 with outdoor adventures and soon expanded into a forest preschool and other classes.  

In summer 2018, we expanded into a brick & mortar space. Creatures in the Wild needed an indoor home base in order to offer the public some of the services we’ve been dreaming of — and we needed our location to be accessible to everyone in the central NY area.


We are taking all of the concepts we apply out in the field and forest and we are bringing them indoors where we can teach, explore, and learn together!

The core feature of our indoor space is our very own children’s process art studio. Creating process art is about the making and doing of art, rather than emphasizing the result of a finished product. It’s a chance for kids & teens to try new things and unlock their natural creativity. Our goal is to educate these budding artists about all of the different art styles and materials, one fun workshop at a time, and inspire them to use their imaginations. Problems will be solved, messes will be made (and not at your house :) ), and unique art the artists are truly proud of will be created.

As always, nature plays a huge role. Our fenced-in yard and sensory garden offer a jungle of ideas, and many of our creation materials come straight from nature. The many colors, textures, shapes, and scents of the natural world provide ample suggestions, and we introduce to the kids different ways they can draw upon them (sometimes literally). A lot of sticks and pine cones get morphed into spectacular art!

If you would like to know more about process art here is a great article that explains it more.

The studio space is only half our workshop. The front end presents a retail section offering our favorite all-natural products, as well as unique products we make in our workshop, of course.

And grown-ups--we didn’t forget about you! We have teamed up with SRW Joyce Photography and have her fabulous studio right next door gearing up for adult workshops and to provide a relaxing space to read or hang out while your kids are in class.





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