Creatures in the Wild was created for kids to get outside and play again in their natural environment; the outdoors. Based at the Woodchuck Hill Field & Forest Preserve thanks to the CNY Land Trust we are able to return to the same land for classes.  There is a new theme every week to keep things interesting and educational. We are an all weather school which means we will be outside no matter what the weather is like (however, we realize this is Syracuse so we will have limited time outside when it falls below 20 degrees) . Like they say “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.”



   To provide children with a safe and inclusive space to become immersed in nature and to learn and create in an organic, child led manner. We want to foster a connection with the natural world that will last until adulthood when it will be their responsibility to become stewards of our earth.




    There is a dramatic drop in the amount of time children spend outdoors immersed in free play. This is leading to an increase in developmental problems and a lack of empathy for nature. The modern schools of today do not provide enough outdoor time, some of them do not even provide free play.  More and more parents are becoming concerned with the lack of outdoor activities and free play provided by schools and at home, Creatures in the Wild was created to fill that void.


Please check out our current class offerings, key principles and class structure. Of course we always welcome any questions or comments!