Sneaking into Pratt's Falls

This week the little creatures and I decided we needed to go and visit one of our favorite parks, Pratt's Falls County Park. Only when we pulled up the gate was closed! Whattt?! There were about five cars parked at the gate, it looked like people were just walking down into it. When we got out a park worker mysteriously appeared out of the woods, only mildly creepy. After talking to him for a minute we discovered that the park is closed from November to April every year but the county knows that people just walk in, and no one cares. After persuading Ivan that this was not illegal we headed down and explored for awhile. 

There is something incredibly magical about this park. The waterfall is high and fed by a man made pond surrounded by fallen trees. All of the trails are beautiful and well maintained. This park really brings out the explores in my kids. Hopefully we will be holding a ton of classes at this park when it opens back up.