Family Adventures 101 Workshop


Family Adventures 101 Workshop


Have you been following Creatures in the Wild forever and wish you could become a more outdoorsy family? Does it seem way too complicated and time consuming to get everyone ready and out the door. Or maybe you’re just nervous and feel like no matter how much you prepare you will never be fully ready to set into the wild with your kids?

After this workshop you will leave with all of those feelings eased. The whole family will be ready to explore the wild. Maybe not your teenager… they are unpredictable creatures and we make no guarantees with them.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • What to pack in an Adventure Backpack

  • How to read the weather properly to avoid being caught in danger.

  • The best foods and drinks for the trail. 

  • How to make spontaneous outings possible for a family. 

  • The best clothing for outdoors and when to wear it. 

  • Hiking etiquette for parks, people and animals. 

  • Ticks, those jerks. How to avoid them and what to do when you can’t.

  • Tricks on how to get children who are uninterested in nature excited to go outdoors. 

This will be the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family learning exciting new skills. The workshop will be Saturday May 18th 10am to 3pm at the Woodchuck Hill Field & Forest Preserve in Manlius. There will be a lunch for break so please pack one for the whole family. Dress appropriate for weather. This usually means light layers that can be taken off as it gets warmer during the day.  Please also bring rain gear and water. 

$40 per family, all ages welcome

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