Okay friends, let’s talk Forest School for the 2019-2020 school year. There are going to be two ongoing classes that meet every week from September to June. Both will follow a traditional school year with school breaks. 

Forest Kindergarten

This program will be for children ages 3 to 6. This is the original CITW class — (the “OG” if you will) and she is filled to the brim with magical child-led education. We follow an emergent curriculum that surrenders to the interests of the children as we aide in discovery and learning. This is a perfect class for children who have been “redshirted” to allow for more time to mature and develop their executive function skills for another year before starting traditional kindergarten in a public school.  

Class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays 9 am to Noon. Registration priority will be given to children signing up for two days a week. We do have people that request one day, but we find that it is hard to get into a good solid rhythm and accomplish more long term projects when we only see them three hours a week. . 

Tuition for Forest Kindergarten will be $175 per month.

Forest Explorers

This program will be for children ages 7 to 12. This is going to be a very exciting class. We follow the children's interests by utilizing an emergent curriculum and dive deep into subjects. Questions will be asked, curiosity will be sparked and new passions will emerge! With this class we will have guest teachers who specialize in a subject and want to share their knowledge and passion with the kids. Every child will receive a large sketchbook on the first day of class. As we go through the year this will turn into a text book of sorts, but of their own making. All projects and findings will be recorded, sketches will be drawn, research will be done. Poems, facts and diagrams oh my! By the end of the year they will get to bring home a work of art nature journal that they will be so very proud of. For homeschooling families this class can count towards a myriad of subjects in your reports.

Class will meet every Thursday 9 am to 2 pm. (During the hard part of winter this may shift slightly to allow us time to travel and we will meet indoors) The longer day will allow for children to bond with each other and form a tight knit community. They will be able to help each other learn and grow and hopefully become lifelong friends.

Tuition for Forest Explorers will be $125 a month. 

More about our programs…

There are no worksheets or iPads here as we are 98% outdoors. Instead we have science-backed, hands-on interactions with the elements in our natural world. This approach still fulfills all preparation requirements for a child’s future education (and then some). Here are some of its wonderful features:

  • Significant health benefits. Being outdoors is essential for mental and physical well-being. Exposure to the elements boosts immunity and children grow strong as they are encouraged to run, take healthy risks, and climb.

  • Fine & gross motor skill development. A motor skill is simply an action that involves your child using their muscles — forest preschool provides plenty of exercise and movement.

  • Enhanced executive function skills. Executive function is responsible for a number of skills, including:

    • Paying attention

    • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing

    • Starting tasks & staying focused on seeing them to completion

    • Understanding different points of view

    • Regulating emotions

    • Self-monitoring (keeping track of what you’re doing)

  • Hands-on experiences. The forest provides countless opportunities for hands-on learning experiences and discoveries. All children naturally become explorers and artists. They draw with sticks on the ground, they mix soil and water. The children are free to experiment, prove or disprove their own theories.

  • All materials used — pine cones, twigs, shells, fallen leaves, flowers, branches, pebbles, etc. are naturally produced by our environment and can be recycled & returned to where they originally came from.

  • Children see that everything around them is living, progressing from one stage to another, and coexisting in harmony.

  • Sensory experiences. Every single aspect of learning in nature influences and generates sensory experiences and involves all senses in the learning process.

  • One of the most effective ways for children to experience and learn to appreciate silence is in the forest or on the bank of a lake. It creates nothing but stillness, mindfulness, and peace.

  • We follow your children’s interests and boost their curiosity — they may choose to build a forest house or fort, study trees, investigate, study content of the soil. Their interest is our ultimate motivator.

  • Educational benefits. There is not one concept or subject that isn’t possible to teach using the natural environment: our subjects include science, biology, math, language, art, geography, chemistry, astronomy, technology, and more. All of the STEAM subjects will be thoroughly covered.

  • Nature has no walls. Children are free to roam within established and familiar safe boundaries and are able to assess and determine their optimal learning environment.

  • With so many loose parts around them inviting them to see an abundance of possibilities for creative play, children seem to have much fewer reasons for being unhappy with each other. When conflict does arise, children resolving their conflicts and misunderstandings with more independence and less influence from adults.

  • It’s hard to be passive in nature. Even children who tend to be indifferent when it comes to learning in a classroom setting will inevitably absorb and benefit from the stillness and moments of mindfulness that nature brings and end up participating in learning activities.

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