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CNY’s newest program for homeschoolers, a cutting-edge hybrid educational experience. A combination of traditional Forest School and the modern values of responsively evolving child-led learning, our three day per week drop-off program will provide a holistically enriching and academically dynamic social experience for homeschooled families. Teachers will be trained in how to observe the children’s interests and then mentor them in pursuit of their learning goals. In this living example of true project-based learning, mentors will facilitate education by providing resources, information, and feedback customized to the project and the children undertaking it; there are no scripted lessons-in-a-box here. Class locations will occasionally vary to further serve the children’s projects. Homeschool in the Wild will be the perfect balance for families looking to break free from traditional education, but will support working parents or those who would like to have part of their children’s education happen outside the home. Children will emerge from our program informed critical thinkers with graceful social skills, ready to engage in new situations comfortably and approach their education with intrinsic motivation and love of learning.


Homeschooling children, ages 6+ (Looking for something ages 5 and under? That’s our Forest Preschool!)


Woodchuck Hill Field & Forest Preserve will be our home base, but we will utilize other spaces such as the local libraries and other parks and preserves. Every month a schedule will come out to make scheduling eaiser for parents


M/W/F during the 2018-2019 academic year, 9 am to 2 pm. Your children can pick one, two, or three days a week. After and before school care is available also. 

Daily Structure

There will be lots of time for open-ended imaginative play and exploring the forest. What sets this program apart from “just some kids playing in the woods” is the strong guidance by the facilitating adults towards deeper explorations of the children’s natural curriculum. There will be a core daily structure with times for meetings, food, and reflection that will shape our day and allow the children the security and reassurance to open their minds fully. Daily mixed-age team-building and creative, project-based learning will be complemented by instruction in language arts, mathematics, wildlife biology, history, music, visual arts, and more!


A sliding scale for tuition is as follows:

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and most importantly:


In order to make this dream happen, we must have people commit early so that we can hire and train mentors and secure spaces. 

Early registration is due June 1st with a $75 deposit per family and all paperwork. 

The final registration due date is July 16th at noon with a $100 deposit. This later date will allow families a chance to take part in the first week of our Summer Camp at a discounted price before making their decision. Please contact us for the discount. 

All paperwork for registration will be posted at the end of April. 


After that an orientation will take place in August for everyone to meet. We also encourage families to take part in the weekly Nature Group over the summer to get to know our forest and garden spaces and get a head start on some community projects.


If you have any questions please feel free to use the form below to ask!

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