Summer Adventure Camp

Summer Adventure Camp

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July 15th to July 19th

NEWLY ADDED: August 5th to August 9th

August 19th to August 23rd


WOLVES Ages 6 to 12

$250 Full day

Arrival time between 8:45 and 9:00 am

Pickup at 3:30

Late pickup based on need

COYOTES Ages 3 to 5

$125 Half day

Arrival time between 8:45 and 9:00 am

Pickup at 11:30

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Creatures in the Wild Summer Adventure Camps are a unique adventure. Our programs utilizes an emergent curriculum that allows the Creature Teachers to observe what interests a particular group of children and then assist them in exploring it further.

What does this look like?

Every morning our group meets at the Woodchuck Hill Field & Forest Preserve and starts our day with a morning meeting to plan the day together. From there we follow a basic set rhythm of the day with lots of open play and exploration. As our week progresses we get to know the children attending and what they are passionate about. Each day the Creature Teachers come armed with activities, supplies and books to spark further interest and exploration.

For one whole week your child will get to dive deep into their interests and take control over what they are learning. This form of learning is what truly sticks with a child. Our goal is to foster a love of learning, and a sense of wonder for nature.

Please join us for this once in a lifetime adventure. Spaces are going to be limited this year so don’t wait.

Past projects include:



Boat making

Charcoal drawings with kid made charcoal

Cooking over the fire

A full play production put on in the forest

Animal and insect identification and study

Nature journaling

Forest Sculptures and other 3D art

Jewelry Making

and so much more!

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