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Hey Creatures — Winter is approaching and will be here before we know it!

Winter Solstice has been celebrated all throughout human history by countless cultures because it is the longest night and shortest day of the entire year — most of us will see less than 9 1/2 hours of sunlight on the solstice day, which of course means nearly 14+ hours of DARKNESS.

Can you imagine how our ancestors felt before they knew what was going on?!

This December, Creatures in the Wild will be celebrating the shortest day of the year with some FUN family education — let’s learn the history behind the solstice!

We will have themed crafts, music, games and LOTS of tradition, including breaking bread with our friends — which means FOOD!!! 

There is a special part of the evening planned where you will be invited to partake in the “spiral walk” of our ancestors — the spiral represents the seasons. The beginning marks summer and as we spiral inward through the labyrinth, it represents moving towards and through autumn, where the days grow shorter and shorter. The very center of the spiral symbolizes winter solstice: the DARKEST time of the year. Here we pause at the center before spiraling back outward through spring and summer. 

The journey we take through the spiral also represents an inner journey to find your own “light” within. In the very center of ourselves, we discover our own beauty, strength, insight, and gifts that we offer the world. We then turn from this discovery within and carry our gifts of radiance back out into the world.

*** SRW Joyce Photography will have her studio open for photographs PLUS gift certificates and art prints are always for sale — Creatures will also have our memberships & gift certificates on sale as well as plenty of crafts to make + take home as gifts for the holidays!! ***

$5 per person

$8 per person

Ages 2 and under are always FREE!!!


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Winter Solstice Festival
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